SEO Glasgow

I offer SEO services in Glasgow, for many years I’ve worked with a wide range of clients from small 1 man bands, to well-established brands. Now one of the reasons people will come to me and ask about my services is because i rank well for seo glasgowsearch terms like :

  • SEO Glasgow
  • SEO Consultant Glasgow
  • SEO Services Glasgow
  • SEO Company Glasgow

These are search terms that relate to me/my business and will bring in visitors to my website. Im then hoping there is enough information on my website to make the person who has just landed on my website want to use my services. If so they will get in touch with me and ill be able to talk to them about SEO.

The SEO Industry gets a bad name, there are so many so called SEO Experts out there taking money from clients and simply not producing the results. Some will produce results for a short period of time then for some reasons things start to go slow down.

Our SEO Services are a little different, we don’t tie people into contracts, if they are not happy with my services they are FREE to move onto another service provider. That rarely happens though but in the cases where it does happen its normally down to the client having the wrong expectation levels, or simply just don’t get SEO. It is those guys who will jump around from SEO to SEO every couple of months and before they know it they are still not ranking any better than they did 6 months ago.

Using someone like me means that you are coming direct to someone who does SEO day in day out which is a massive bonus as many big digital marketing agencies in Glasgow use our SEO services as they don’t have the required staff in -house to carry out the work.  Using someone who you can actually talk to and understand SEO a little better certainly helps the overall process. So with every client I aim to make sure they do at least have a better understanding of SEO and why they may need to help along the way for the overall benefit of their business.

I’ve also found that any clients who use my services enjoy the fact that I don’t use all the technical jargon you may be used to when using other SEO’s in Glasgow. I like to think I’m not one of the usual geeky SEO people you will find, I like to talk in terms that people will understand so you will not be given all the flannel that many other SEO companies give out.

Affordable price is always one of the unique selling points, we try and help clients regardless of their budget, anyone who has a budget in mind is welcome to come to us and advise on what that budget may be. We will try and get them found for as many keywords as we possibly can for that budget. Whether that’s competitive search terms or something more specific we will do the appropriate research and ensure that we can still drive traffic to your website for the budget you have at the moment. Clients in the past have come back to me asking what happens if they double their budget. All that happens is we have double the time, can capture more keywords, more competitive keywords and drive more traffic to your website. So with me your budget can be whatever you feel is affordable for your business at that time. That said, we have to be realistic, we can’t have someone ranking for search terms that bring in millions of pounds worth of revenue for a budget of £100 per month. However we can build people up to that level.

As well as offering SEO to our clients in Glasgow we do offer SEO Training, Social Media Management, Google Adwords Management, WordPress Training and the odd Website Design. And of course you can find a lot of useful information and video tutorials on the blog.

So if you are looking for SEO Services in Glasgow and want competitive prices, no technical jargon and to have page 1 rankings then get in touch today. I offer a FREE SEO Audit and no pressure to sign up.