SEO Tools 2016

A question that is often asked is what is the best tools or software to use in 2016. Everyone wants to know what successful SEO’s are doing and the tools and software they use however, it’s often not the case of what you use, it’s how you choose to use it.

I’ve spoke to many SEO people who pretend that they are the most white hat SEO you have┬ácome across when in reality they are probably sitting doing everything automated. No matter what job you are in processes will be automated to help quicken the process up a little and make your job a little easier. SEO is no different and the tools that we use in 2015 are tools that help us with certain aspects of the SEO process.

SEM Rush

For example I use a tool or software called SEM rush which provides me with a lot of data on my own website as-well as that of my competitors. It provides me with some good data on keywords and also on the traffic that searches for those keywords along with loads of other useful data.

Now this tool is accurate and provides me with a lot of information at the push of a button. It saves me hours of research time meaning that it’s a no brainer to use something like SEM rush as it saves time and isn’t doing anyone any harm.

Over the years I’ve spent doing SEO I’ve tried and tested all of the tools there is to use even the black hat SEO tools that you will want to know about. Some of these tools can serve a purpose and do a great job but it’s important that they are set up properly and used in the right way. There is no tool on the market that is going to get you great SEO results at the push of a button, there has to be some manual intervention.

I get asked on a daily basis what tools I use and what tools not to use. I also get asked to do video tutorials on the tools I do use. So over the coming weeks i’ll be giving video tutorials on the tools I regularly use as-well as any other tools you want me to review.

So just drop me an email if you want me to review an SEO tool of your choice and if it hasn’t been done before i’ll be more than happy to do the video for you.