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Do you want to advertise on my website? The ads on my website are different from most others where SEO bloggers tend to use a platform to serve ads, I have static ads available that don’t rotate so you will be seen all month if you take an ad out on my website.

I’ve over 310k in twitter followers, over 40k followers on my Linkedin and the website gets over 100,000 impressions every month and growing. The ad has to be in some way related to Digital Marketing. Hosting SEO Tools, Freelancers offering services or in some way useful to the visitors on this website.

Advertising Space and costs

Homepage right-hand panels there are 4 available

The pricing for any of those 4 slots would be £50 per month, you will get advertising 24 hours per day for 30 days on the homepage of my site. Traffic is driven to the site via SEO rankings the site has, as well as paid advertising I do, and social media usage to get people onto the site so this would he homepage advertising on my site.

You can also advertise on the right-hand side of any of my blog posts, for example, if you google ” Reach Local Alternatives ” you will see the site is on page 1, if you click on the ad, you will see there are 4 slots all 300 x 250 on any given article on my website.

Your ad will feature on all of the blog posts I do, all of which are landing pages and rank well for terms targeted with the blog post, I’m also offering those slots too, for £75 per month, the reason these are slightly more expensive is that the blog will be growing, you will feature on every blog post that I do, on all tutorials and on every single blog post, so you will get slightly more exposure this way.

If you want to advertise on my website then please do fill in the contact form and I’ll be more than happy to review your request. You will need to provide a 300 x 250 banner and its done on a first come first serve basis.

There are no contracts or tie in’s you pay upfront and can stop after 30 days or continue for as long as you would like to advertise on my website.