Craig Campbell
I am a Glasgow based SEO expert who has been doing SEO for 17 years. In this time I have gained extensive knowledge in the subject of SEO and have build up a wealth of experience in SEO and other digital marketing services.
By Craig Campbell 18th Jan 2019
SEO Case Study: How to Rank on a Small Budget

So this is an SEO case study where I will share the information it took to rank this website, what was done to […]

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By Craig Campbell 16th Jan 2019
Be Aware: How You Can Delist Someones GMB Listing

So today I found a massive flaw on Google My Business, so as you all know anyone can suggest an edit on […]

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By Craig Campbell 9th Jan 2019
WordPress Training Courses Glasgow

I offer WordPress Training Courses in Glasgow. Based over in Hillington with FREE, easy parking you can learn more about WordPress from people […]

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By Craig Campbell 5th Jan 2019
SEM Rush Tutorial

I have negotiated a FREE 14 day trial with SEMrush for anyone who reads my blog, although you do have to enter […]

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By Craig Campbell 2nd Jan 2019
Private Blog Network Course

1. Introduction This is a course that goes into depth on how powerful private blog networks(PBN’s) can be when boosting your website rankings […]

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By Craig Campbell 10th Dec 2018
Local SEO Guide ( Map Pack Rankings )

Local SEO Guide ( Map Pack Rankings ) Hey guys. I’m just gonna do a quick tutorial on local SEO and how […]

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By Craig Campbell 7th Dec 2018
Page Optimizer Pro Review

Page Optimizer Pro So, just another video on a great tool for on-page SEO, it’s called You hear a lot of […]

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By Craig Campbell 5th Dec 2018
Managing A Google Ad Grants Account

For all charity’s and non-profit organisations, Google offers up to £7800 ($10000) in AdWords budget. This can be used in 2 ways. The […]

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By Craig Campbell 3rd Dec 2018
Server Log Analysis

   Video Transcription for Server Log Analysis Hi, guys. A quick video on server log analysis. Now, I’m not sure how […]

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By Craig Campbell 29th Nov 2018
The number #1 most recommended Content Calendar tool

Done are the days of intricate spreadsheet content calendars, flustered social media managers, and typo-filled tweets. For me personally, my main concern […]

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By Craig Campbell 25th Nov 2018
The 3 Core Stages To Nailing Digital PR & Acquiring Editorial Links

Digital PR is a term thrown around a lot moving into 2019. Similar to what “growth hacking” was a few years ago, […]

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