Black Hat SEO vs White Hat SEO

I’m looking forward to a webinar with SEMRush on the 16th of August 2017 which will have Omi Sido, Josh Bachynski and myself on for an hour talking about White Hat vs Black Hat SEO. You can register for this event here. It should be an interesting watch for anyone looking to learn more about White Hat vs Black Hat SEO and will have experienced SEO’s discussing their side of the story.

One of the interesting things about this is, we have different ways of doing SEO. The strategies used by people can differ but at the end of the day it’s all about ranking well and getting traffic to a website.

White Hat SEO and being ethical will work for some, big organisations with a massive brand can use all of that to their advantage and white hat SEO is a good option and they can get more traction from using those tactics.

Grey/Black Hat SEO on the other hand is what many other SEO companies do. They don’t have the budgets to compete properly with the big brands so something needs to be done but for one reason or another many SEO’s will not confirm that they do bend the rules a little. I attend seminars and webinars and all I hear is white hat speeches and very basic information in a lot of cases.

Even as an experienced SEO I’m always learning, which is why I watch others, monitor what they are up to and try and remain up to speed with the latest practices, tools and techniques. I don’t condone simply buying links from Fiverr, or using automated link building tools and spamming links to a client’s website. There are black hat SEO’s spamming everything and not caring about what happens, and then there is Black Hat SEO done properly and I want to put my points across and hopefully, add value where other SEO’s dodge these type of conversations for whatever reason. We want to open up and put our points across to the benefits from either side and hopefully provide you with some decent tips and take aways.

Omi Sido

Omi based down in London is another experienced SEO, he talks at many seminars offering tips and advice on all aspects of SEO. You can also find Omi on Linkedin, Twitter and via his website to keep up to date with what Omi is saying.

Josh Bachynski

Josh is the creator of the popular White Hat vs Black Hat SEO Show which you can find here.  He will referee in the dispute between White Hat and Black Hat SEO techniques. You can find out more about Josh and what he is up to on his Linkedin, Twitter or subscribe to Josh on YouTube.

So to register for the event click here so you don’t miss this webinar.