Digital Marketing TrainingI regularly do training courses for people looking to learn more about Digital Marketing and Social media marketing. I can deliver these in my offices, at your place of work and can do this all over the UK. I also do online courses which can be done from the comfort of your own office/home, these courses are text, images and screencasts which is where I show you my screen as I demonstrate parts of the course.

This screencast set up is becoming more popular as you can visually see what I’m demonstrating and learn from that. Many people learn things from you tube videos my videos are structured so that you are not listening to me going on for a full house. I break the videos down into individual sections so that if you forget a part of something you can go and watch the video I made that is relevant to that part.

The list of courses below can be done in person or online, you can simply pay now via the buttons below and you will get your online login within 24 hours.