Digital Marketing trainingI have been providing Digital Marketing Training courses for many years now, training individuals looking for a career change, to Digital Agencies who want someone to come in and provide training for their teams of staff on how Digital Marketing really works. As it’s an ever-changing¬†business, tools change and strategies change, so it is ideal to keep yourself up to date on all aspects of Digital Marketing.

I’m still an active SEO expert, so you are not going to be learning tactics that are dated and the Digital Marketing Courses that I offer will provide you with how to do Digital Marketing. It is the ” How to Do ” part that is most important. Anyone leaving the course will do so with actionable tips, advice and tools to be able to go and implement what you have learned on your own website, or on your client’s websites.

You are able to tap into my years of experience. I have built up and run my own successful Digital Marketing agency, I also started out working as a freelancer from my bedroom at home and have worked with some massive companies and budgets along the way. On top of that, I’ve trained many top agencies in the UK and also regularly speak at conferences and webinars. You can see more of my speaking engagements here.

In my 16 years in this industry working from home and building an agency, to then doing consultancy and training, I’ve made a lot of mistakes and also helped people who have made mistakes so there is genuine experience and thought behind all of the training provided.

The list of courses below can be done in person or online it’s entirely up to you. We can work to suit you and your exact requirements. More information on the Digital Marketing training courses can be found below.