iStock_000015594185SmallHave you ever wondered if your SEO is actually doing as much as they claim to be doing but you’ve no way of proving it because you don’t have enough knowledge of the industry?

We can help! We can provide you with a one off SEO Website Audit from £49 which will determine how much effort your SEO is actually putting into your SEO campaign.

Over the years we have been carrying out website audits we have come across many customers who have been paying through the nose for SEO and only getting a small amount of work put in. There are some instances where so called SEO people are actually not putting any work in at all.

It’s difficult for most businesses as they are not SEO experts and don’t really understand the process. The fact that SEO isn’t a product that you can see or touch makes it difficult to find out whether or not you are actually getting value for money.

Getting an Expert SEO Audit isn’t always about picking up on any bad things that are going on with your campaign. If all is well and you are getting what you should be for your budget and seeing some decent progress in the time frame that you have been doing SEO then I will be the first to say that all is going well and that your SEO is doing a great job.

There is loads of good SEO companies out there who provide page 1 ranks for their clients and who do a great job. The only real way for a client to gauge how good an SEO is doing is monitoring Analytics, traffic, conversions and of course manually checking Google to see if they do have good ranks for keywords relating to their products or services. On occasion though it is ideal to get an external SEO site Audit just to have someone look over what’s going on and give you a view from the outside as to where your SEO is going and where it should be.

seo audit imageSEO companies don’t tend to report on backlinks or what exactly they are doing as it’s a service they provide not a training course so that is completely understandable as they need to protect their own businesses. This can cause clients to think that their SEO isn’t doing as much as they say they are and puts doubt into your mind. I have to say clients should only judge on rankings as higher rankings will increase traffic and sales as any SEO worth their salt will not sit and tell anyone how they rank a website specifically unless they are charging for a training course. In my experience I’ve found it to be hard work when a client starts to ask about how their site ranks and what your doing to rank the website in question.

If you feel that you are not getting the results and traffic you think you should be then we can do a one-off audit to see if you are actually getting SEO services and rankings that you should expect for your monthly budget.

Just get in touch with us today and we will get back to you for more information on your website, budget being spent and how long you have been doing SEO. After we have this information, we’ll be able to confirm whether your SEO is working well for you, whether you have unrealistic expectations or we may be able to advise on a few things to help refine your overall SEO strategy.