Facebook is a marketing strategy that is very low cost. This is because you will be able to sign up on Facebook for free, with there being access to millions of target audience that can be converted into potential customers.

With Facebook you will be able to get your name out there along with the products/services that you do. You can share photos and videos concerning your business and can communicate with both existing and prospective clients.

Setting up a Facebook account

My Facebook training course will teach you how to set up a Facebook account/business page and the different functions that are available. With this knowledge you will then be able to add information on special deals that you may have, information about your business and even photographs/videos of recent work or products that you have.

Boosting posts

I cover boosting posts and what the benefits are of boosting a post. When talking about boosting posts I will talk to you about how frequently you should boost a post and what posts are likely to get approved and what aren’t.

Scheduled posts

There are a lot of companies who don’t have the time to write on their Facebooks everyday. Scheduling your posts to come on at different times of the month at specific times takes out the time that you will have to spend each day putting the posts on, allowing you to get back to your day to day activities. Scheduling posts is something that I am able to talk about during my Facebook training course.

Other topics covered

I am able to cover a wide range of other topics in my Facebook marketing including:

  • Growing and maintaining your fan base
  • Developing a page management and content strategy
  • Facebook commerce
  • The meaning and value of a “like”
  • The different types of Facebook ads and how to create them
  • Targeting
  • Setting objectives
  • Optimising your ad campaign
  • Best practices
  • Facebook campaign statistics
  • What an open graph is
  • Social plugins
  • Opening graph marketing strategies
  • What Facebook apps are
  • Creating an application brief
  • Optimising a Facebook app


Learning options

There is more than one learning option available when it comes to my Facebook training course, with you being able to learn online or at my workplace. I am also able to come out to your workplace and teach the course, this is particularly useful for groups of people who want to learn about marketing via Facebook.