Google Adwords Email List Targeting

google adwordsGoogle Adwords have recently announced that you are now able to target people by uploading a list of emails so that your adwords are served to those who are logged into their gmail accounts.

They are calling this ” Customer Match ” and potential advertisers can upload a list of emails they have to make sure that they are targeting a specific audience rather than the old fashioned way of using the correct choice of keywords. In recent years other paid advertising has become more targeted by the use of cookies etc and this will be a welcome addition to help advertisers get their ads in front of the right people.

You will now be able to set bids and tailor the ads to your target audience. You can also bring Google up alongside the likes of Facebook and Twitter who allow you to target custom audiences. This can only be a good thing because it will allow customers to have much better conversions and more sales for their advertising budgets.

How this would work is the retailer would create a list and then create a search network only campaign that targets only the people on this list. The people on list would then see the retailers ads when logged into their Google accounts. Overall this is certainly another targeted marketing method that is likely to obtain some good results.