Local SEO Services can generate some decent traffic to your website. The fact that there are many local businesses only operating on a local level means that it is vital that when someone local searches for your service or product that your business appears on page 1.

People who are looking for products and services are very specific when they are searching for example I offer SEO and Digital Marketing services in Glasgow and many people may Google keywords like SEO Glasgow, SEO Agency Glasgow, SEO training Glasgow and a number of others in the local area as per the screenshot below.


As you can see there is a decent bit of traffic for my local SEO search terms and that will also be the case with your business. In terms of doing research, we do all of that for you using a number of tools to determine what your competitors are being found for as well as what the general public are searching for.

Local SEO is much easier to achieve than UK wide exposure as there isn’t as much competition or value in being on page 1 for local search terms. The location is also very important too, it is much easier to rank in a rural area than one of the big cities in the UK but you have to remember that if it is a rural area then there isn’t likely to be the same volume of search or business.

Local SEO has worked really well for many of our clients who have build up their business on the foundations of doing some decent local SEO. Pricing is subject to keyword amount and the city you are looking to target, as well as the level of competition in your particular niche.

I provide a FREE quote for anyone looking for Local SEO. You can call us or fill out my contact form to discuss your options.