Request a SEO Tutorial

I regularly get asked about SEO tutorials and as of now I’m going to start making regular online tutorials so that they can be a good source of information for anyone looking to learn more about SEO. I’ve been doing SEO for over 14 years now and learnt a lot the hard way, doing things wrong, reading the wrong information or trying things I know I shouldn’t have ever tried.

SEO is very hard to learn as there is so much information online, and that information contradicts the other bits and pieces you are reading and you are left thinking who the hell is telling the truth. You can read books too, but who says the author is telling the truth or current with their information ? I’m sure in general most people believe they are telling the truth but even in today’s market there is so much misinformation regarding SEO.

It’s not a science, magic or anything like that, it’s a service that you can provide if you are up to date with the correct knowledge and information.¬†SEO people seem to think they are magic at times and would allow you to believe that they are doing so much more than they probably are.

Don’t get me wrong in a competitive niche SEO is hard, you need to continue to do SEO to maintain positions and target a wider range of search terms but I’ve saw reports from SEO people who claim biggest part of their clients SEO budget they monitor Analytics and Competitors, and whilst both are required to see whats going on, its not something that you spend hours upon hours doing. A quick glance at someone’s analytics can take 20 mins at best and even at that you would probably be over-doing it.

Then you have all these SEO tools out there, there’s more of these tools popping up daily saying they can do this that and the next thing. We would all love a fully automated SEO process but there is no tool out there that can do the full works. Of course you can get tools to do reporting, tools to spin content, even tools to build backlinks, but really would you want your site listed on 100k worth of chines directories ? It doesn’t benefit you SEO wise, its likely to get you a penalty or banned by using these tactics.

Or would a client want someone reading some spun article that a 5-year-old could write better ? The answer is again no there are many parts of the SEO process that need a human being involved and a skilled member of staff to deliver.

However there are tools out there that everyone uses and we will go through some of them in the tutorials, tools like scrapebox¬†and many others that will help any SEO. There isn’t an SEO that doesn’t use scrape box and at $67 dollars its one of the best tools you will get.

Over the coming weeks and months I’ll go through tools and a wide range of other tutorials to make sure you have a much better understanding of how they work. I’ve always felt that watching videos helped me when learning so ill aim to provide as much video tuition as I possibly can.

If you would like to request a SEO tutorial please do get in contact with me and I’ll aim to get it done if it hasn’t already been done before.