Would you like me to do a full SEO audit on your website ? If so get in touch using the contact details on my contact page. The benefits of an SEO Audit can be enormous as some of the errors your website may have can go un-noticed and these can impact on your SEO. There are many people out there who think that putting your website through one of the many auditing tools is going to provide you with a real audit. Thats impossible there are so many other things that require manual intervention and research that would result on you getting a full SEO audit done by an SEO professional.

For example you may have done a small website update and the URLS of your website have changed, you may now have multiple amounts of broken links on your website which in turn does not help your SEO as it can impact on Google crawling your website and getting to your pages.

A full SEO audit can be done to ensure that your website is working for you 100% and also to determine whether your SEO is actually doing any SEO. A full SEO audit will also allow us to check your backlink profile and make sure that whats going on offsite isn’t actually harming your online marketing campaign.

So if you want a quick and honest SEO Audit just get in touch and we will be more than happy to give your website a full SEO audit.