Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 19.51.40There could be many reasons you might want to hire an SEO consultant. Regardless of that reason I will be able to help you whether it’s for a day, week or month, I can provide you expert SEO consultancy for whatever length of time you need me for.

The extensive experience I have in SEO means that many people use me as their consultant. I regularly have digital marketing agencies who approach me for my consultancy services rather than provide SEO services and I help those agencies refine their whole SEO process.

An SEO audit generally makes sure that the SEO is doing what the company claims it’s doing. This is something that I get asked to do for people regularly because it’s a very common story that SEO isn’t always being done as well as the SEO company may lead you to believe. Normally this is because in a lot of cases the work is outsourced to somewhere which can lead to the quality of work suffering. There are many good SEO companies out there, but I’d say at least 70% of the SEO companies out there are outsourcing parts of SEO and therefore not doing a great job.

If you think your SEO company are outsourcing work or not doing SEO properly then get in touch and I can provide you with a full SEO site audit to let you know if you are getting value for money from your SEO campaign.

Apart from being able to offer consultancy, you may also want to hire me to help with parts of your SEO campaign. Quite often when I talk to people I find out they are weak at certain parts of SEO which is mainly Link Building. This seems to be an area that many people fall down on due to a lack of experience, not knowing how to analyse their competitors links not having the proper contacts resources and outreach tools to be able to do this on the scale that’s required to compete on page 1 for search terms that will bring in a decent amount of traffic.


All you have to do is get in touch and ill be more than happy to help.