The words Search Engine Optimization written on a chalkboard

Are you looking for SEO Training Courses in Glasgow ? Look no further! I run training courses in Glasgow and across Scotland using my 14 years experience to advise people on all there is to know about SEO. In the past we have trained marketing agencies, individuals who want to learn SEO as a new career option and business owners who want to know more about SEO so that they can have a much better understanding of how it works.

The courses can be done using 3 options

  • In our offices in Hillington ( Glasgow )
  • In your offices ( would require projector )
  • Online Courses are available

Regardless of what SEO Training course you decide to choose with me, you will always get a login to our online portal just so that you can go over or refresh your memory on a specific area. As when a course is done in person it can be a lot to take in so we have graphic, text and video instructions on our online portal to help you go back over the coursework at your own pace.

There is of course additional charges for us to provide our SEO Training at your place of work as travel etc would all have to be factored into the bill.

The great thing about the course being online is that it’s written as a step by step guide to SEO so you can start at the first module and work your way through the coursework exactly the same way an SEO would work through your website and start implementing any changes to the website.

The costs of the courses do vary, depending on what your learning requirements are.

I aim to keep everything jargon free to ensure that you fully understand everything. I also offer email support with all courses however, unfortunately I don’t provide telephone support because as you can imagine that would take up so much time and would need to be billed accordingly.

Beginners SEO Course

This course is aimed at someone who has little or no knowledge of SEO and is designed to give you a much better understanding of SEO and the basic steps to getting your website ranking well on the search engines. It’s ideal for someone who wants a better understanding of SEO and what’s involved in the whole process.

Intermediate SEO Course

This course is designed for someone who works for a company who wants to be able to do a chunk of the SEO work, mainly the onsite side of things. Although this course does go into detail in all aspects of SEO it is likely that our advanced SEO course will be required if you want to go in depth into all aspects of SEO. Overall it’s a good course and will certainly help you massively improve your online presence.

Advanced SEO Course

This course should be for an individual who wants to do all aspects of SEO either for their own career prospects or maybe you work for a company who wants to take all SEO in-house. This course will certainly give your staff/team all the knowledge there is to know about SEO which in turn will give them the knowledge to have you ranking well and winning business online.

Bespoke SEO Courses

There are a number of different reasons why you may want a bespoke SEO course put together. Maybe you want the training course to focus on your business with all videos and tuition relating to your business and keywords relating to your business or maybe you know a lot about SEO but you just need advice on certain areas of SEO such as link building, guest blogging, learn how to use the tools of the trade.

I’d be more than happy to provide you with an SEO training course that is modified to suit your exact requirements. Just get in touch if you would like a bespoke SEO training course and I’ll be happy to provide you a quote for this service.

So if you are looking for SEO Training Courses in Glasgow please do get in touch !