SMXL Milan

I’m looking forward to November 2017 and talking at SMXL Milan, a Digital Marketing Conference that has been on for a number of years. I will be on the stage on the 15th of November at 10 am discussing the Darker Side of Digital Marketing. This is a great platform for me to be able to demonstrate my years of experience and knowledge and give those in attendance some actionable tips and advice that they can go away and implement on their own websites right away.

I’m excited about this particular event because there are no rules or regulations here, I’m allowed to be completely open about how I feel SEO really works and for me that will be a first time, as with many other talks people often don’t like their conference to be associated with the Darker Side of Digital Marketing. There are also many other great talkers so as well as talking, I hope to be able to pick up some tips and tricks from the other speakers at this event.

SMXL Milan

My speciality is SEO and there has been so much bullshit written online and spoke about at conferences that it’s unreal. For an experienced SEO like me, I need to attend events where I’m going to learn more about SEO and Digital Marketing, we can all still learn, things change and new tools and ways of working are always coming into play.

I’m 15 years into this game now, and I probably spent the first 5 years of my life reading other peoples bullshit and lies, crazy ways of working, so called secret tricks and this so called ” White Hat SEO “, I’ve tried them all. I know for sure the first 5 years were a complete write off as far as knowledge goes, but it was a great experience as it helped me finally come to terms with what SEO was, it cost me tens of thousands of pounds and years of wasted time.

But it’s now time to help other people learn and try and avoid the mistakes I made and cut out years of lost time by hearing some good actionable tips and advice on what works.

I’m looking forward to being there and having my 30 minutes of speaking time to help you understand how SEO really works.

You can still get tickets for SMXL Milan here, give me a shout if you are attending and would like to meet up.